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Hydration Transformation

Hydration Transformation

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Gift gorgeous glowing skin with the best-selling Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Hyaluronic layering range.


Hydration Transformation

Featuring a potent blend of hydrating Hyaluronic and nourishing Antioxidants, this full skincare regime is the perfect choice for all skin types to hydrate, lift and tighten. Your gift recipient will be wowed with five full-size products, three samples, plus a plush cosmetics bag. Treat yourself or a loved one today!

Set Includes:

Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel 50ml.
Rejuvenate Daily Serum 30ml.
Rejuvenate Hydration Gel 40ml.
Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream 40ml.
Antioxidant Booster 15ml
New Vitamin B+3 Booster 5ml sample
Rejuvenate Eye Mask sample.
Rejuvenate Lip Mask sample.
Luxe Fur Cosmetics Bag.

Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: Low, medium, and high molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid revive, replenish, and protect, guaranteeing gorgeously hydrated skin. Vitamin A, C & E: Known for their Antioxidant, rejuvenating, and moisturizing properties to revive and deeply hydrate skin. Kakadu Plum Extract: A natural super antioxidant that helps protect skin from free radicals and environmental damage, contributing to firmer, smoother skin.

  • Directions

    • Start your skincare regime with the lightweight Rejuvenate Cleansing Gel to effortlessly remove makeup and impurities, ensuring skin is fresh and primed to receive nourishing ingredients.
    • Follow with Rejuvenate Daily Serum to revive and deeply hydrate with low molecular weight Hyaluronic plus essential Antioxidants.
    • For further revitalization, mix one pump of the Antioxidant Booster with the Rejuvenate Daily Serum. The Antioxidant Booster protects from environmental stress with the help of Kakadu Plum, a super antioxidant.
    • Follow your Antioxidant Booster and Daily Serum with Rejuvenate Hydration Gel containing medium-weight Hyaluronic to stack and continue replenishing hydration.
    • Lock in your moisture and finish with Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream, which contains a protective layer of high molecular weight Hyaluronic to protect the skin’s surface from dryness and harsh environmental factors.
    Skin will feel supple, comforted, smoother, and tighter.
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